Stoicism and epicureanism

stoicism and epicureanism

Comparison of epicureanism and stoicism, in physical and spiritual categories. Epicureanism and stoicism are two schools of philosophy that flourished during the hellenistic period one of the reasons for this flourishing can be attributed to. In accord with this ontology, the stoics, like the epicureans, make god a corporeal entity, though not (as with the epicureans) one made of everyday matter. This post originally appeared on quora: what are the main differences between epicureanism and stoicism the garden and the veranda the epicureans the epicureans.

Epicureans and stoics represent two branches of philosophy that concern human happiness and the good life how do they compare. Stoicism and epicureanism were the two main hellenistic schools of philosophy (ie, schools which came after aristotle) while differing in their fundamental tenets.

The epicureans the epicureans were what are the main differences between epicureanism and how do stoicism & epicureanism differ in terms of the way.

Nb: this is a draft, i’m still adding the final sections in the surviving discourses, epictetus is shown discussing the rival philosophical school of epicureanism. Cynicism after plato and aristotle, the concerns of the philosophers moved further and further from metaphysics, epistemology, and anything resembling modern science.

Stoicism and epicureanism

Unlike the epicureans, stoics did not maintain that all impressions are true, but rather that some of them were “cataleptic” (that is, leading to comprehension.

  • Stoicism is a school of hellenistic philosophy that flourished throughout the roman and greek world until the 3rd century ad such as the epicureans.
  • I've been doing some introductory reading of stoicism lately and as far as i know one of the main opponent philosophies of stoicism is epicureanism.

For this lecture, please read this entry on epicurus and this entry on stoicism epicurus & epicureanism epicurus (341 - 270 bce) was the founder of the philosophy of.

stoicism and epicureanism stoicism and epicureanism
Stoicism and epicureanism
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